Just as a book can be an adventure, so can a map.

A map can give us a new perspective about a place we’re familiar with.

For the places we don’t know yet, a map is a peek into a land thats still mysterious and filled with promise.

Maps strengthen our sense of place.

My name is Kevin – I’m a map nerd

I Love Maps

My name is Kevin Nielsen. I’m an artist/cartographer based in Twisp, Washington. My favorite part of making maps is being able to use creativity and art to help people visualize data in new ways. My passion for nature and travel, as well as history and natural history, inform my work and the projects I gravitate towards.

I’m a graduate of Michigan State University’s OnGEO Certification program, which includes Cartography, GIS, and Remote Sensing. I combine this training with a life long appreciation of landscape and study of communication arts to create uniquely engaging maps of particular places.

– Kevin in the field

I believe a good map can strengthen our sense of place by giving us new perspective on landscapes we think we know.

I find inspiration in historic maps of all kinds. In the modern era we have access to massive amounts of data, and much of it ends up being used in ways that are cold and lifeless. As an independent artist, I hope to stir some of the old beauty back into our modern data to create work that combines the best of both worlds – art and science.

My goal with Cartologie is to produce relevant, original pieces that are valued for their aesthetics as well as the information they convey.